Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Move Over Beef!

"Get steak for your birthday", said Chris, one of my coworkers, when I asked: where should I go for my birthday? I don't usually go to steakhouses--not because they're not good; but because you could have a more elaborate and exciting meal for the price. But Chris was right, you should treat yourself to a good steakhouse atleast once a year. Only Keen's isn't known for their steaks, they're known for their "legendary mutton-chop". Don't get me wrong, Keen's puts out some of the best meat in NYC; but the mutton is what separates them for the competition.

Dodging people only seemed right as I walked against the flow of traffic at rush hour. People were hustling to Penn Station to catch their train as all rules of politeness are tossed out. Keen's is on West 36th St--only a few blocks away from Penn Station. Keen's was very much like any other steakhouse I've been in: a man's club. To Keen's credit, I felt like it had a bit more character. You definitely got that old school New York vibe, especially when you looked up all the pipes that lined the ceiling. Back in the day, Keen's had a pipe club so the pipes belonged to the members before smoking was prohibited in restaurants. There was a lot of history if you took the time to check it out.

So on to the legendary mutton chop-- a 26 oz saddle of lamb that can please any carnivore's appetite even if they thought they were coming for steak. The mutton chop served at Keen's is among the best lamb that I've ever had--only probably is that its hard to get all that delicious meat. its one of those dishes you wish you were eating at home, so that you could pick it up with your hands enabling you to get the hard to reach crevices.

The t-bone was not to be overlooked as Ed and I split both. It was our birthday dinner and both of us were well pleased. A light Bordeaux paired beautifully with our meat and brought us further into food ecstasy. Get some hash browns and some asparagus to round out your meal. Overall, a great dinner. Keen's should definitely be on your radar!

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