Saturday, February 11, 2012

From Sushi to Spanish

I started the day in my neighborhood at my favorite sushi spot, Suteishi. While on Front Street, I stopped at Jack's for a cappuccino. Luke, a former co-worker was there manning the barista station. That was the first time I've been to Jack's and it might just be a go-to for a caffeine fix. Later that night, I met with an old friend at Tertulia
to catch up and eat delicious Spanish tapas.Tertulia describes a gathering of friends marked by good conversation, food, and drink. I wanted to come back to Tertulia after the last time I sat at the bar and watched food all around me make people smile. Caitlin and I shared in that joy of Seamus Mullen's cooking as we got a bunch of small plates to share. Smoked pig cheeks topped with a quail egg were perfect bite size starters. We also had a hake chin, which was served atop delicious crushed fingerlings. Monkfish also graced our table in the form of suquet-- a bowl of monkfish, ruby red shrimp, and root vegetables with an almond picada and safron aolio. Crispy brussel sprouts with pork belly was delicious but a bit too salty for the both of us--that didn't stop us from finishing the entire dish. Jamon croquettes were a treat as they sat on a dash of quince paste. The Cordero was one of my favorite dishes--grilled lamb breast on a bed of creamy farro. We ended with a cheese board that came with candied walnuts, cranberry bread, quince paste, and honey.

All in all, it was a great experience. I was super-impressed on how attentive the staff was on filling up water. The water glasses here were so small that I would honestly down half the glass in one sip, but never was my glass empty. Our server was friendly and was not pushy even though we camped a little. He seemed pretty knowledgeable on the food and wine and therefore guided us through a really nice experience. Tertulia gives off a casual vibe, but the food is serious. Definitely a spot to check out.

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