Thursday, March 17, 2011


One perk about living in the financial district is the easy access to Brooklyn. Normally we'll take the subway, but with the weather getting nice--a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge sounds right. My three roommates and I decided to go to Pedros right across the bridge for happy hour. One of my roommates Greg, had stumbled upon Pedros on a run and thought I'd be a great spot.

Pedros, located on Jay Street is a small Mexican joint serving up traditional Mexican fare. We walked in and sat down, kind of weary about staying; but we decided we'd atleast grab a beer. A few beers and margaritas later, we decided to grab some food. Our waitress seemed confused when we asked for a plate of cheese nachos; but after checking with the kitchen she approved our order. Maybe its just me, but that seems like a normal order in a Mexican restaurant, no? The nachos weren't good at all, but they were better than what I ordered next. I ordered the "fish tacos" which is actually only one taco filled with a stewed cod. I should have known better after seeing the buffet style food case directly behind us. After one bite, I pushed the plate to the other side of the table. The cod itself was so fishy that I chugged my $3 dos equis to rid my mouth of that awful flavor.

Pedros has a cool vibe as a small Mexican cantina, but the food was awful. The service was pretty bad too. She kept mixing up our beer orders, wasn't too knowledgeable on the menu, and didn't care that two people were horrified by the fish taco. Definitely won't be back to Pedros.

On the way home, we stopped at Front Street Pizza for a slice. The pizza here was really good. They had a nice selection of toppings and the place seemed clean. Worth crossing the bridge for? I don't know?

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