Monday, March 14, 2011

Harlem, Stand Up

Stand up, because Amy Ruth's needs an applause. Located on 116th Street, Amy Ruth's is an instant classic that serves soulful, southern food. Known best for their chicken and waffles, Amy Ruth's names its dishes after famous African Americans. So get the Rev. Al Sharpton with white or dark meat and enjoy!

They start you off with cornbread --AMEN to that. The food came out real fast. The waffles seemed a bit undercooked at first, but they turned out to be the best part of the combination. The softness of the waffle allowed the butter and syrup to soak in like a delicious sponge. The chicken, juicy and cripsy, sat on top of the waffle making me wonder why it took me 25 years to find out this amazing pairing. I mean chicken and waffles is better than peas and carrots!

The Mac and Cheese is a good side item to get as your chicken and waffles will disappear quick. We were in and out of Amy Ruth's in a half hour! I would definitely recommend Amy Ruth's for a delicious, homestyle feast.

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