Thursday, March 31, 2011


After Vandaag, we thought we'd stop by Death and Company for some more cocktails. There was a 20-minute wait, so we kept walking and went to Cienfuegos right around the corner. Brought to you by the same brothers who own Death and Company, Cienfuegos is easily missed as its kind of hidden above Carteles--a Cuban sandwich shop.

I later learned that the city of Cienfuego was the fourth most important city in Cuba by the 19th century. The city was known for its production of sugar cane--which makes this the perfect name for a rum bar. Cienfuegos is a rum bar that takes you back in time. The space felt authentic from the decor to the menu. Part of the Cienfuegos appeal is the exclusive feel; but that wouldn't mean anything without a good product. Cienfuegos delivers because the drinks are awesome. The drinks menu displays a great variety of punches including "Fruit Forward", "Seasonal", "Served Hot", "Light and Fizzy", "Strong and Fizzy", "Takes on Classic", etc. The punches are delicious and sure do pack a punch.

Cienfuegos invites your soul to mambo and it did. It not only offers great cocktails, but an atmosphere that is truly unique. I will be back to Cienfeugos for sure! Next time, I'd love to check out the food at Carteles.

Go get some punch!
(Located on 6th and Avenue A)

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