Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gallery Bar

My roommates and I actually walked right by it on our first search for the bar. Maybe we were too busy chatting, but Gallery Bar didn't seem to have any signs --just a line of people waiting to get in. Located at 120 Orchard Street (btwn Delancey & Rivington), Gallery Bar is a bi-level lounge with an awesome vibe. The space is also used as an art gallery, so the decor was pretty cool. The top floor seemed more of a hangout and have some drinks vibe while downstairs held the dance party. DJs were spinning good tunes on both levels, so if you're not into sweaty-packed dance scene then upstairs will probably would be the spot for you.

Drink prices seemed average for the area, but what I didn't like was Gallery Bars gratuity policy. An automatic 25% tip was added to your bill. I probably would have given around that much because the service was decent, but let that be my decision. What happens if they don't deserve 25%? I'm a good tipper and I was put off by this credit card policy. This place could get pretty packed and when it does you might be waiting 20 minutes to use the bathroom, so pee before you go or make friends with the bouncer.

Make sure to stop by the photo booth and take some risque photos! Gallery Bar was fun. Definitely a good spot to take a chick...or meet a chick. Check it out!

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