Thursday, March 17, 2011

West Village

Daddy-Os in the West Village is a cozy restaurant offering good drinks and above-average bar food. The atmosphere was very chill as tunes from Jimi Hendrix and Blind Melon filled the air. An older, but spunky waitress took good care of us throughout the night. She recommended the burger as she claimed it was "one of New York's best burgers." The burger was good--it had good flavor and it was cooked as ordered; but I thought the bun was too big. I think if the bun was a bit smaller, the burger would have been better. The tater tots served on the side of the burger is something worth talking about. Crispy and delicious, the tater tots stole the show.

I was also fortunate to taste the Mexican pizza, which was pretty good. Thin crust pizza with a nice spicy kick--pretty solid. I also got to taste my friend Caitlin's chicken sandwich, which also had a nice deal of spiciness. I thought the sandwich was good, but not for those with a weak stomach!

I ended my meal with one of their signature cocktails, the Daddy-O, which is a mixture of bourbon, honey liqueur, bitters and maybe one other ingredient that I missed. Chilled and served up, the drink prove to be a nice ending to a decent meal. If ever in the West Village, stop in for a cocktail and a side tater tots. I hear the buffalo wings are real good.

While some of us went home, other went across the street to the Village Tavern. The Village Tavern seemed like a pretty sweet sports bar. I liked this bar because you could chill out and watch the game, play some pool, or even play Buck Hunter or Golden Tee. You could even put some money in the jukebox and start a dance party. It wasn't crowded when I went there, but I could see this bar getting pretty rowdy!

Take a date to Daddy-Os for some food and cocktails then end at the Village Tavern for a pint and some pool. And gentlemen--let her win!

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