Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Webster Hall

Webster Hall hosted Lupe Fiasco's record release party on March 7th and I was lucky enough to get a ticket with some of my friends. As we shuffled in past security, we headed upstairs where Black Milk was already on stage opening for Lupe. We headed to the bar in the room adjacent to the main room. We probably waited a good 20 minutes for a beer as there was only 1 bartender and he was down-right awful.

He seemed like he was on drugs as he bopped around not really caring about us thirsty guests. Being a bartender, it hurt my head to watch this clown. If only the owners of Webster hall knew how much money this guy was costing them. Having two good bartenders behind that bar could have not only made the guest experience better, but it could have made them much more money.

Besides the shitty bartender, the beers on tap seemed stale and the selection wasn't good at all. Whiskey on the rocks were poured in these plastic bathroom-looking cups, so its safe to say that this wasn't the best bar experience.

That's my little rant on Webster Hall! My advice--drink before!

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